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About Us

At Magnificent Development & Construction, we strive to impact our tenants, partners, and customers by delivering extraordinary communities which elevate their surroundings and integrate seamlessly. We are able to achieve this through a precise attention to detail and the values which guide our company. Magnificent is involved in every step of the process starting from site selection through construction and the lease-up of the property. Our goal is to create communities where people want to be. We currently have developments in New York and Texas however we are constantly evaluating opportunities across the United States. For Magnificent, nothing is more important than ensuring we exceed expectations not only for our tenants but also the communities in which they are present. To us, our reputation is everything.

As an integrated developer, we focus on:

  • Highest return on investment for all project stakeholders.

  • End-to-end project delivery from financing through design, construction and stabilization, as well as the transaction.

  • Maximizing construction control to minimize uncertainty by our own GC team. 

  • Pruned decision-making through efficient alternate design evaluation and first-hand cost modeling.

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